Real-time highlights for broadcasters and sports competitions.

Best-in-class vertical highlights to reach new audiences and increase revenues.

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Pendular generates high-quality highlights from live sports events without effort from your teams.

Short-form videos

Users want short-form videos. Keep fans engaged with the kind of content they like the most.

Compatible with Google Web Stories

Showcase real-time highlights in Google OneBox to reach new audiences and subscribers.

Best-in-class content

Pendular is the only sports highlights generation software that includes interactive content and real-time statistics.

Premium advertising formats

Our premium advertising formats will give you a new revenue stream. Get the most out of your TV rights.

Customized templates

We can integrate your custom templates to generate content using your company’s look & feel.

Engage with the new generations

Attracting the new generations is the biggest challenge for broadcasters and sports competitions. Delivering content in an entertaining way young users like will help you reach those users and engage them long-term.

Showcase your highlights on your sites and apps

Pendular allows you to display your highlights on your sites, apps, and social media. Pendular is all you need to start delivering high-quality content in the format your users love. Click below to experience the mobile-friendly user experience.

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How is Pendular integrated?

Pendular is integrated in a very similar way to Google Analytics, inserting a piece of code. Once the code is in place, you will be able to start showing stories instantly. From our CMS, you can seamlessly add and manage story content across all your sites.

Does Pendular offer geo-blocking?

Yes. Our technical team will work closely with you to establish the best geo-blocking strategy according to your needs.

How is advertising managed?

Pendular allows publishers to integrate their ad-server scripts and, at the same time, manage direct sale campaigns with any advertiser. All of this is done with our easy-to-use advertising panel within Pendular’s CMS.

What technological resources are required?

Pendular takes care of all the technical side. Once Pendular is integrated within your site, any authorized employee can add and manage the content. Our support staff is available 24/7 to solve any problem you may encounter.

What analytics and tracking options does Pendular offer?

Pendular offers a proprietary analytics system with real-time metrics, and can integrate with third-party tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. 

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